What is dreamreader.net and how can I use it?

What is dreamreader.net?

Dreamreader.net is a free website where learners can practice and improve their English reading skill.

What materials are there on dreamreader.net?

There are now more than 500 free reading lessons on a wide variety of topics and skill levels.

What kind of lessons are on the site?

The site has five different kinds of content to suit the various goals of learners.

1. The “Easy English” section is geared towards beginner learners and tests basic sentence-level reading comprehension. In these lessons, learners look at a photograph and answer questions about it.

2. In the “Interesting English” section, learners who are interested in the “nuts and bolts” of English can find articles about English grammar and usage.

3. The “Practical English” section gives learners a taste of English being used in authentic materials (such as reading road signs, coupons, or business memos).

4. The “Fun English” section is meant to offer learners a chance to read short articles on a mix of interesting topics such as video games and pop music.

5. Finally, the “Academic English” section is full of lessons and quiz questions in the style of a standardized English test.

How do the lessons work?

Each lesson features a number of quiz questions along with a free downloadable PDF of the lesson and free audio. Learners can use this to help them with independent study while teachers can use it to supplement classroom learning. In the “Academic English” section, there are also downloadable vocabulary worksheets that students can fill in to help them learn and retain new words.

How often are new lessons added to dreamreader.net?

Content is updated regularly and new lessons are added to the site every other day.

Can I use dreamreader.net on my smartphone and tablet?

Yes, all the lessons work on a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Who started dreamreader.net?

Dreamreader.net is the work of Neil Millington. He is an English teacher who lives and works in Japan. He decided to make a site dedicated to offering students a free way to practice their English reading skills and as a free resource for busy teachers.

Is dreamreader.net a company or an organization?

Neither! It is simply a website started by two teachers who wanted to share cool and interesting reading materials with other teachers and learners.

How to use a “dreamreader” lesson in 7 Easy Steps

Here’s how to take a lesson from the website and make it interesting for your class!  With a bit of planning and preparation, you can make a great lesson using our material!

Step 1:  Go to dreamreader.net and find an article that your class might find interesting or fun.

Step 2:  Print out the article by downloading the PDF from the webpage.  Make some copies for your class.

Step 3: Download the audio.

Step 4:  Think of a few discussion questions that relate to the general topic of the article.  For example, in the Masai lesson, you can ask your class to talk about their own culture and why they think having different cultures in the world is important.

Step 5:  Give the students the article from dreamreader.net to read.  Ask them to answer the comprehension questions to make sure they understand it.   Play the audio to help them listen to any hard-to-pronounce words.

Step 6:  Have the students discuss anything interesting they found in the article.  This will help them to check their understanding.  It also might bring up some interesting ideas or topics for a later class discussion.

Step 7:  Give the students a small research project to carry out in pairs or small groups.  Students can work together to find out more about a topic and create a presentation for the class.


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