Welcome Back!

We want to say a big thank you to all the long-time users of our site and a huge welcome to all the new ones too.  Over the course of six months, dreamreader.net has grown and changed in many different ways.  We’ve been adding new material, categories, and courses to help learners in their quest to become first-rate English readers.  Let me take a few minutes to explain the recent changes to the site and how we’re planning to grow over the next several months.

When we started in September of last year, we focused entirely on academic-type readings.  These articles covered five main  skill levels – beginner through to advanced – over ten topics.  While we were very proud of what we had achieved by launching the site, we realized it wasn’t really enough.  Our initial plan was to upload these articles gradually over the course of the site’s lifespan, starting with 25 articles.  Feedback from our users in Facebook showed us that they wanted more articles and an easier level of readings for true beginners who were starting to learn English.

In October, we decided to launch a new category called “Fun For All”, which was meant to fill this gap.  We picked out some fun topics and wrote shorter and easier articles that could appeal to all learners.  We also made the quizzes in this category easier so learners could feel a sense of achievement in their reading progress.  The quizzes were meant to encourage learners to read the articles carefully and answer questions that tested their ability to concentrate and focus on details.  During the course of the next several months, we wrote over 100 articles for the “Fun For All” section and uploaded them with PDFs and audio files that learners and teachers were (and still are) free to download and use for their own classes or private study.

By the beginning of 2015, we began looking for ways to provide our users with more variety of reading content.  Although many of our users were interested in studying the academic content for test study, some learners wanted to practice and improve their English in other ways.  We introduced the “Practical English” category to help learners who wanted to understand and study how English is used in everyday life.  Other learners wanted a better understanding of English itself – through the study of grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, etc.  For these learners, we introduced the “Interesting English” category, which will be gradually filled with lessons on English usage.  Finally, some of our users just wanted a nice simple introduction to English reading and comprehension.  As a result, we created the “Easy English” category for them.  These lessons are presented in terms of increasing difficulty level so that a learner who is new to English reading and gradually improve their English reading comprehension.

As for the learners who enjoy our older content ( in the “Fun For All” and “Academic English” categories), we haven’t forgotten you!  We have plenty of lessons to add to these categories still and we’ll be adding them in over time.  As always, the content on the site is free and you are free to to use it, download the PDFs, and print them out and copy them for classroom or private use.  As per the creative commons licensing noted on our page, the materials here must not be sold.  We hope you continue to enjoy using dreamreader.net and we’re happy to hear from you if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.  Good luck!