Three touching seasonal videos to show in your class

I recently shared a post for Language Teaching Professionals entitled ‘Three awesome seasonal TV commercials to spark discussions in your classes’. Please click here if you would like to to read that post. I had many comments from teachers who thought that they were great to show to their learners. In the last few days, I came across some more that would be thought provoking and worth sharing in class. I haven’t figured out how to use them yet, so I would appreciate any feedback. Anyway, here are the three videos with a brief description of each one. Enjoy! I hope they are useful.


In this video for the World Wildlife Fund, a family discovers a tiger with a wound on its leg lying on their bed. Initially the family appears concerned that they have a huge tiger living with them, but gradually they take of the tiger and nurse it back to health. This video is perfect for any animal lover.


The present

This video tells the story of a little boy called Jake. He seems to spend the majority of his time indoors playing video games. It appears he has no desire to play outside to play with other children in the neighbourhood. His mother brings him a present that changes his perspective.


John Lewis

This is quite an old one but I only came across it recently. It tells the story of a snowman in love who would do anything to give his snow friend the best Christmas present he could.