Three Good Reasons to Follow Us on Twitter



I just started to use twitter a couple of weeks ago for the first time.  It was overwhelming and I didn’t know what to do.  I started off by embarassing myself a bit, using it to spam various channels without thinking about whether or not the content was really appropriate.  Now, I can say that my tweeting is going much better these days.  I’ve tried to find things to tweet about that can help our site’s users.  Here are three ways that I’m currently trying to use twitter with  The result, I’m hoping, is that our twitter account is sort of like the “Bonus Material” that you find on a DVD.  Here are a few ways that following us on twitter might help you:

1.)  Compatible Reading Material

If you follow us on twitter, you’ll notice that I’ve tried to find material from elsewhere on the web to supplement the articles on our site.  Some of these materials are activities from other websites that are helpful for teachers.  With a bit of work, these activities can be used with our readings to create a new lesson to cover a certain topic.  I also try to find reading material that matches our articles in terms of theme and content so that learners who might want more information about a topic can dig a little deeper.

2.)  Adding Flavor

We’ve tried to create a simple and responsive site which can, admittedly, feel a bit clinical at times.  Let’s face it – reading can be difficult at times and some topics are more interesting than others.  By checking our twitter account, you’ll get a better idea of who we are as people and what we are aiming for in terms of developing the site and being professional teachers.  We’ve also been using twitter to add some amount of flavoring to the articles.  For example, a few days ago, I found a great link to a video that showed old Atari 2600 games.  I was hoping that this would supplement our “Early Video Game Consoles” article and show younger readers what those games were really like.  It might add a bit more excitement to your class to watch these old games before they read and this could also stimulate pre-reading activity discussions.

3.)  Getting Previews

On the twitter account, I usually try to offer a few hints of what to expect in the coming weeks in terms of content and I also talk about what direction the website is headed.  If you’re a teacher and you’re using our site to plan your lessons, you can get a pretty good idea of what direction we’re going by checking our twitter account.


If you’re interested in using for your class or your own study purposes, I hope you give us a try by following us on twitter. We’re at: