The Story Behind the Site

If you’re at all curious about how the website came to be developed and why we offer free reading lessons, here’s some information. is the work of two English teachers who live and work in Japan. Neil Millington and Brad Smith are co-workers who were faced with a rather unique problem one day.  They had to create an entire English reading course in only two weeks’ time!  They went to work, trying to find readings online that could help their students learn to read in an enjoyable way!  Unfortunately, the kind of content they really needed was not available online.  They decided to make a site dedicated to offering students and teachers a free way to practice their English reading skills.

Over the course of two years, they created a set of academic criteria and wrote their own original articles and questions for the site.  After lots of writing, editing, and testing of the materials, they finally decided to put it all online in late 2014.  Since then, has grown and grown.  Not only does it offer academic English reading practice but it also features fun content and easier content.  Everything you see on the site has been created by just two people – the lessons, the PDFs, the audio – all of it!  We’re very proud of what we’ve done over the past six months and we hope you continue to use our site to help your class.  If you enjoy using our site, why not mention it to your colleagues or share an article on Facebook about it?  Help spread the word!  You can also send us a mail by clicking “Contact” at the top of the page.  Let us know what you think!  Thank you for visiting and using our site.