The New “Fun For All” Category

You may have noticed that we have a new category on our site called “Fun For All”.  We’ve put this section of readings up in an effort to reach a broader range of English learners.  It also represents a step towards having more extensive reading on the site alongside our existing collection of academic-style readings.  The idea with the new category is to give our readers a set of short and simple articles that they can quickly practice and enjoy.  If you’re just starting on your English reading journey, you can try and answer the quiz questions while more advanced learners can study the contents and vocabulary more deeply on their own.  A good analogy would be to think of the other categories as a six course meal that requires patience and focus to get through while the Fun For All readings are a bit like quick snacks.  You can hop online, do a reading and watch one of the videos and try the quiz – all within 10 minutes.

Speaking of the videos, you may have noticed that we have started including videos with the Fun For All readings.  These are just short one minute interviews with Neil about the topic.  It’s meant to give learners something to watch and listen to before checking out a video related to the topic.  We’re hoping that the combination of audio, video, and PDFs help to bring the reading content alive!  As teachers, we really understand how difficult it is to read in a second language.  The videos are meant as a nice reward and they have a short English “tip” or lesson that any student can learn about.

You might also notice that our upload schedule gets faster in the coming weeks.  We’re really hoping to grow the site more quickly by uploading more and more content.  We’ll be focusing mainly on the “Fun For All” category for the next while.  If you’re a fan of the academic readings in the other categories, don’t worry.  We’ll resume uploading in that category once the new articles are ready to go.  That could take some time and we thank you for your patience.  Keep tuned to the blog and, as always, thanks for visiting us.

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