Technology Week!

This week, we’ve added in 5 new readings (1 reading per level) dealing with Technology!  We found many interesting things to write about this time and we hope you enjoy these articles.

In the beginner level, we’ve written about the development and use of sonar technology.  The lower intermediate deals with driverless cars, a hot issue now that Google and other companies have come out with their own driverless prototypes.  The intermediate category has a reading about cyber-bullying, which has become a serious issue as more and more people log on to the Internet.  In the high intermediate level, we talk about the fascinating possibilities of 3D printing and what it could mean for you.  Finally, the advanced level features a new reading about Voyager 1, a space craft that’s currently on a million mile journey across the cosmos.

We hope you enjoy these readings!  Feel free to bring your class to a computer lab and try out the readings for themselves.  You’re also free to download the PDF files to copy and use for classroom purposes.  Don’t forget about the audio files, which can help learners with pronunciation, stress, and rhythm.  Thanks always for checking out and using

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