Recent Additions

If you’ve been visiting our EFL/ESL reading practice site lately, you’ve probably noticed there’s some new content.  We’ve recently uploaded several free graduated reading lessons across different categories.  In the Beginner section, we’ve added a great article on The West Edmonton Mall, one of the biggest shopping centers in the world.  In the Lower Intermediate level, we’ve got an interesting free English reading available on Bangkok, the jewel of the Orient.  Finally, you’ll notice several new free online reading lessons included in the Intermediate level!  These include free English readings about Food & Health Myths, Shopping Benefits, and another lesson about the legendary boxing matches between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali!

We hope you’ll take some time to try out our free online English reading lesson materials if you’re a student.  If you’re a teacher, feel free to download our lesson material PDFs (available in the upper right hand corner of each lesson page) and print them out for your class.  Thanks for visiting our site and enjoy some of our free online reading practice material for EFL/ESL learners.