Possible Educational Benefits of Pokemon Go

A guest post by Alisa Abrasaldo

Pokemon Go is the latest craze that got everybody’s attention nowadays. It is a mobile game that allows its players to capture adorable pet monsters in the real world. They can then use these pets to fight other monsters, players or capture locations. This is a rare moment when technology, gaming and education come hand in hand for a single purpose.

Despite Pokemon Go being a mobile game, it definitely has educational benefits which educators are looking into tapping. Since kids and teenagers love it so much, teachers see the game as an opportunity to make their lessons more enjoyable and they also see it as a venue where they can incorporate their lessons.

Pokemon Go has various gameplay features that correspond with learning. The following are some of the many ways students can learn just by playing the most popular game as of late.

One of the many features of Pokemon Go is that the players are encouraged to roam around since it uses the player’s exact location via GPS. Physical education teachers could use this to their advantage by motivating students to be active on the field. In a way, this game is a walking exercise since it uses real world locations instead of a virtual world where the kids sit on the couch in front of the computer or TV whole day. Aside from that, the players also need to walk a considerable amount of distance in order to hatch a virtual egg of a captured Pokemon. These features not only makes the game engaging, but it also encourages the player to be fit and active.

With regards to real world locations, the game uses the city’s landmarks as Pokestops. They are the in-game stores where a player can buy items. Some sites are also marked as “Pokemon Gyms” which acts like a “castle” for players to conquer or defend. This is a good opportunity to incorporate local history since students already have their interest piqued, thanks to the game. This will definitely make history and geography classes more exciting not only for the students, but for the teachers as well.

In line with that, this is also another opportunity for building better relationships. After all, it is more fun to learn amongst friends. Obviously, students who played the game will definitely make friends with peers who play the game but there is a chance that this will help in student-teacher relationship if the teacher plays the game as well.

Like any other teaching technique, the popular game will be met with negative opinions with regards to it being used in school. Not all educators may agree but it is undeniable that Pokemon Go is yet another educational tool for teachers to utilize in order to motivate their students and keep their attention on learning.