Please help me keep going and growing

by Neil Millington


As many of you know, for the last 18 months Brad and I have been writing and publishing free reading materials for teachers and learners around the world. In that time, we have managed to deliver over 500 free lessons. We have done this at our own expense in terms of time and money. I am happy to report that people from around 200 countries around the world are using the site and loving what we are doing. We know this because of all the messages of support we have received. We have always been very happy to hear your words of thanks. They are always very much appreciated!


Brad has decided that he can no longer devote the time and resources to continue with this project.  He has worked tirelessly on making this free resource but will not be able to do so in the future. That leaves me, Neil, to try to continue alone. I will do my best to maintain and grow the site, but unfortunately, I feel this will not be possible without the support of the wider teaching community and the users of Dreamreader.

About this project

I am aiming to raise money in order to keep Dreamreader going and growing. I hope that the site will become self-financing through ad revenue in the coming years, but unless I can raise the money needed in the short-term, this will not be achievable. Please consider donating to this campaign and helping me keep this free resource going for the years to come. I need your help!

What I need

I hope to raise $10,000 in order to keep going and growing. This will ensure that new free content is continued to be uploaded on a regular basis over the next two years. This will cover hosting fees, maintenance of the site, and the web developments that the site desperately needs to make it more user friendly and therefore help more people. If I am successful in reaching more than my goal of $10,000, I promise to donate the remainder of the money to who are engaged in supporting the literacy and learning development of child refugees.

Please help me keep Dreamreader going and growing by clicking this link. Whatever amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  • ibrahim

    hope i’ll be able to contribute to help dreamreader.

    • admin

      Thanks Ibrahim!
      I hope so too!
      Best wishes