New Site Content!

Over the past few days, we’ve added several more fre EFL/ESL readings to the site.  If you check out the Advanced section,  you’ll find that we’ve provided a free English reading lesson on “New Coke” in the Food section.  This article is a really interesting look at how the biggest company in the world made a huge mis-step by changing something that consumers loved!

There’s also a new free ESL/EFL reading lesson in the Intermediate section on Sweden in the Culture section.  This lesson examines three major cultural aspects of Sweden that make it a very unique place.

We hope you enjoy the new content!  Remember that you can also download the lesson and quiz in a PDF format by clicking on the links in the upper right hand corner of each lesson page.  If you’re a teacher, feel free to print it out and copy it for your classroom use.  Thanks always for visiting our site!