Mobile Optimization

I wanted to take a little time out here to just talk about where the site is headed in terms of mobile optimization.  If you’re one of the many users who have visited our site with your smartphone or tablet, you may have noticed that some things aren’t really working.  Although it is true that we started out the site thinking that it would be meant for PC desktop users, it seems that our traffic has shown otherwise.  In the past week, we’ve been working hard to optimize the site for mobile users and so far, we’ve made some huge steps forward.  In the first place, the quiz displays are now fixed and seem to be displaying properly on mobile devices.  This means that you can absolutely use a mobile device to come to, browse our articles, and try out the online quizzes.  Secondly, the category and topic displays now look a little bit better and are easier to access and use.  This brings us just a bit closer to making the mobile experience a little better for our users.

That being said, we’re still working on the front page display issues, especially in terms of our image slider.  This is a problem on both tablets and mobiles and we’re still trying to fix it.  It seems the problem might take longer than we expected to resolve.  Once we get everything in order, we’ll be sure to update you.  Thanks always for using the site!  We hope you’re enjoying it.