Yokai Watch


Unless you live in Japan, you have probably never heard of Yokai Watch. Yokai Watch is a new TV animation that is becoming very popular in Japan. It is based on a video game of the same name, and it was first shown on January 8, 2014. It is really a TV show for children, but many adults are also becoming fans. One reason for this is the catchy song called Geragerapo at the start of the show.

The main character in the show is called Keita Amano. One day he finds a strange capsule in a forest. When he opens the capsule up, a kind of spirit or ghost named Whisper appears. This spirit gives Keita a watch which allows him to see other spirits. Some of these spirits play tricks in Keita’s town, so he joins together with Whisper and other good spirits to stop them. These characters have become very popular. Three of the most popular are called Gibanyan, Komasan, and Komajirou.

The company which makes the show is looking for a partner in America. If that happens, Yokai Watch may spread around the world. Who knows, it might become as popular as other famous Japanese anime!