World Pizza Toppings


What are your favorite pizza toppings? How about squid or fried eggs? Most Americans seem to prefer their pizza with the usual cheese and pepperoni. People in other countries, however, have different tastes. In India, for example, a common pizza topping is ginger and mutton (sheep). Many Indians like to eat pizza covered with tofu. Spicy vegetables are also a popular topping there. People from Sweden like to eat their pizza with bananas and pineapple. They seem to also enjoy chicken and loads of curry powder on it!

If you eat a pizza in Japan, don’t be surprised if it has a squid topping. The mayajaga pizza is also popular there. This is a pizza covered with potatoes and mayonnaise. In France, you can enjoy your pizza with a fried egg on top. The egg is sometimes cooked on the pizza. Despite all these different dishes to choose from, pepperoni is still the most popular topping in the world. It also seems that pizza lovers want to eat meat. Somewhere around 62% of all pizzas have meat on them. The next time you order pizza, why not try something a little different on top?