William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is one of the most famous writers in world history. Shakespeare was born in 1564 in England.  During his life, he wrote more than 58 plays and over 158 poems.  Although he wrote them over 400 years ago, they are all still popular with people even today. Many writers and actors have been inspired by Shakespeare’s works.  He had a talent for telling an interesting story and he was also a master of putting words together like a poem or song.  As a result, many people refer to Shakespeare as “The Bard”.

Shakespeare wrote plays from 1589 to 1613.  At first, he wrote mostly comedies. One of his best known comedies is The Taming of the Shrew.  In this story, a man named Petruchio weds a woman named Katherina.  Although she hates him at first, Petruchio gradually wins her love and respect. They both live happily together at the end.

In the last half of his career, Shakespeare wrote many tragedies.  His most famous ones are Macbeth and Hamlet.  In both of these plays, the main characters must deal with murder, betrayal, and power.  These plays are very serious in tone and are a big departure from his earlier comedies.

Today, Shakespeare’s plays are performed all over the world.  They have been translated into almost every language.  Teachers in most English countries have been teaching his plays to students in their classrooms for a long time.  They have also been made into many movies throughout the years.  It seems Shakespeare’s reputation as a great writer will live on forever.