What is a Synonym?

In the English language, a word that has an identical or similar meaning to another word is known as a synonym. For example, the word happy shares its meaning with many other words such as: Joyous, cheerful, content, radiant, satisfied and jovial. All of these words can be used to describe a person who is feeling happy or someone who is free from any worries or concerns.

An essential tool for any student of the English language is the reference book known as the thesaurus. A thesaurus provides the reader with alternative choices to the words that we commonly use every day, it is very helpful tool for any student wishing to expand their vocabulary.

Whilst a synonym has a similar meaning, a word which has the opposite meaning to another is known as an antonym. So for example, antonyms for the word sad would be as follows: Unhappy, depressed, gloomy, despondent and sorrowful.

Being aware of synonyms is not only helpful when learning, but also gives the student a much greater ability to express themselves or describe things with far more accuracy.

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