Living on Mars


What do humans need to do to live on Mars? America’s space agency, NASA, has been thinking about the answer to this question for a long time.

1. Build a spacecraft: There are currently no spacecraft that can travel to Mars. A new ship that could carry people to Mars would take many years to design and build. Because it could take about 9 months to reach Mars, it would need to be big enough to store lots of food and water. It would also need to carry lots of equipment and supplies for people to use once they land on the planet.

2. Find a way to survive: After humans arrive on Mars, they will need to create a source of food and water.  Although Mars probably has some water, it is not easy to reach. Humans will also need to grow food. This will not be easy because the climate of the planet is not very good for growing fruit or vegetables.

3. Make a government: Humans will need to decide who will lead them and make important decisions. The problems that humans might have on Mars will be very serious. In order for people to survive, they will need a very good system of leadership.

4. Grow: The human population on Mars will get bigger as people have children. This means that humans will need to find more sources of food and water. Humans will also run out of supplies from Earth. They will need to find their own resources on the planet to survive.

5. Make a culture: Humans on Mars will need to be entertained. They will also have their own unique way of doing things. Living on Mars will be very hard. People will need to feel like they are part of a group so they can work together. If people share the same culture, they will help other people who are part of the same culture.