Weird Chips


If you like potato chips (or “crisps” as they say in British English), you might enjoy today’s list. We looked around the Internet to find the strangest potato chip flavors in the world.  Here’s our top five:

1.  Milk Chocolate flavored potato chips: 

It seems very odd to mix together two completely different snack flavors. I think if you really wanted to eat something that has a chocolate flavor, you would just eat chocolate!

2.  Borsch flavored potato chips:

Borsch is a kind of beet soup made in Eastern Europe and Russia. It has a very unique and strong taste. It’s hard to see why a meal with such healthy ingredients would be matched with something as unhealthy as potato chips!

3. Chicken & Waffles flavor potato chips:

Why? Chicken doesn’t go together well with waffles in the first place. Why on Earth would you want to mix those together with potato chips? This kind of snack would probably appeal to someone who just likes really strange flavors. I’ll admit that I would at least try this once.

4. Avocado Salad flavor potato chips:

Here we go again trying to combine healthy food taste with an unhealthy snack. Maybe this helps people feel less guilty about eating potato chips?

5. Maple Moose flavor potato chips:

I’m not sure what a moose tastes like but I don’t want to eat a potato chip with this flavor! Actually, I think this is a Canadian snack. The chips have a maple syrup kind of flavor. The moose is just on the chip package to make the flavor seem even more Canadian.