Weather Idioms – Lesson 2

Here are some examples of English idioms that use the weather. As you work through these lessons you will notice they go in alphabetical order. Lesson 2 below has words starting with the letters B – C.

A bolt from the blue

If something is a bolt from the blue it is unexpected and takes you by surprise.

Example: My teacher quit this week. She is moving to another country. Her news was a bolt from the blue.

Break the ice

To break the ice is to make someone feel relaxed in a social situation, usually by starting a conversation.

Example: It was really awkward until James started talking and broke the ice.

Calm before the storm

The calm before the storm is a quiet, peaceful period of time before a really busy period.

Example: Tomorrow is test week, so I’m going to relax today and enjoy the calm before the storm.

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