Valentine’s Day Facts

Valentines Day Gift


Every year on February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by many couples.  Here are five interesting facts about Valentine’s Day that you might not know!

  1. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is a day when women give dark chocolate to men. While the rest of the world’s men are expected to give presents to their special ladies, it’s the other way around in Japan! Don’t worry though because men are expected to give gifts of white chocolate to women on March 14th.  This is known as White Day.

  1. The average American man spends a little over $100 on their girlfriend or wife on Valentine’s Day. They spend most of that money on buying chocolate, flowers, or a nice evening out at dinner or a movie.

  1. People are increasingly buying Valentine’s Day presents for their pets! Americans spent about $700 million on presents for their pets on Valentine’s Day in 2015. About 3 per cent of pet owners buy presents for their pets each year.

  1. People send a total of about 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards ever year. The only holiday where people send more cards is Christmas. A long time ago, it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card.

  1. In Finland, Valentine’s Day is more of a day for friends. It is a time to get together with your friends, have a small party and enjoy each other’s company. People also give cards and small gifts to their friends but this doesn’t have a romantic meaning.  It shows you care about your good friends.