World’s Most Tattooed Man


Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo?  If you need some advice before getting it, you should talk to Lucky Diamond Rich.  In 2006, the 43 year old man entered the Guinness World Records as the most tattooed man in the world.  He is a street and festival performer from New Zealand.  Every centimeter of his body is covered with tattoos.  This includes his ears and even the inside of his eyelids and mouth.  He decided to get the tattoos when he was younger in order to feel more comfortable about himself.  One of his favorite tattoos is on his neck.  It reads “karma” and it shows his decision to be positive about life.


Some of Lucky Diamond Rich’s tattoos have begun to fade over time.  When this happens, he gets a new tattoo.  Because of this, his body is covered by layers of tattoos and his skin can look grey sometimes.  Lucky Diamond Rich has performed in festivals all over the world from Canada to Australia.  Maybe this is why he has the word “nomad” written on his stomach.  This word means someone who is always moving and changing and never staying in one spot.