The Sunday Roast

Traditional British food has often been criticized for being a little boring and not very tasty. It is true that traditional British food has often been made from simple ingredients, but when cooked well, a traditional British meal can be very delicious indeed. One meal that is made from simple ingredients, but can be very delicious is the Sunday roast. The Sunday roast is a British main meal that used to be served on Sundays!


Although it was a meal traditionally served on Sundays, it is now eaten on any day of the week. It usually consists of roasted meat (usually beef) and potatoes. It is usually served with vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Although Yorkshire pudding might sound like a dessert, it is not. It is made from mixing eggs, flour, and milk to make a batter. This is then cooked until it is crispy. Gravy is a kind of sauce made from the fat and juices that come out of the meat when it is cooked. When cooked properly, these simple ingredients come together to make a truly delicious traditional British meal.