The RMS Queen Mary


Is the RMS Queen Mary full of ghosts?  For many years, it has been considered one of the most haunted places in America.

The RMS Queen Mary was a ship built in Clydebank, Scotland for a shipping company called the White Star Line.  Construction began in December, 1930 and was completed by May 10, 1934.  On May 27, 1936, the RMS Queen Mary made its first voyage.  It was the one of the fastest ships of its time.  The ship was used to carry passengers and transport troops across the Atlantic Ocean during World War II.  In 1967, the ship was retired from service and made its final trip to Long Beach, California where it still sits today.

Since then, visitors and workers on the boat have reported seeing and hearing some very strange things.  There have been so many sightings of ghosts that some people claim that there are roughly 150 spirits on board the ship, especially in places where deaths occurred.  One of the most famous regular ghosts sightings is in front of Door 13, a very heavy metal door which has crushed three crew members to death in the past.  Visitors to the ship have regularly reported seeing the dead crew members walking around in the area.

The ship’s two swimming pools also appear to be haunted.  Many people have reported seeing women wearing vintage swimsuits near the poolside.  There are also people who have heard the sounds of splashing and laughing coming from the water.  From time to time, they have also seen a strange little girl holding a teddy bear near the pool.  Ghost experts have shown that these sightings seem to be connected to deaths and drownings that happened in the past.  Not only have people spotted weird things on the ship, but they have also noticed very strange aromas and also experienced sudden changes in temperature.  If you’re interested in ghosts, you may want to visit the RMS Queen Mary and its museum.