The Maldives


The Maldives, or the Maldive Islands, is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. This country is famous around the world for its beauty. Nowadays many people come here to enjoy the clear blue water and the wonderful sights. The country’s economy is improving fast because of tourism. Some people come here to learn more about the rich culture. Each island has a unique culture. People play music on the bodu-beru (big drum) and make beautiful sailboats (dhoni).

Tourists seeking adventure might come to try new and exciting activities, such as diving or surfing. There are thousands of different fish and creatures that live under the water. You can also see many different kinds of whales if you take a tour boat. This is also a great place for a romantic getaway for couples. Many people spend their honeymoon here. At night, you can see thousands of stars in the sky.  Couples can also visit a spa and relax with a nice massage. The Maldives might be the perfect place for your next trip!