The History of Sushi

Sushi was first made over 2000 years ago in Southeast Asia.  Back then, people used to put salt on the fish to keep it from going bad. They would put the salted fish in a container with rice. After a few months, the fish could be eaten but the rice was thrown away. This sushi became popular all over China and it was introduced into Japan. The Japanese preferred to eat rice together with fish, so they ate the rice and fish together while the fish was still raw.

Later in the Edo period, Japanese people started making special rice for sushi. They combined rice with vinegar and vegetables. At the beginning of the 19th century food stalls started selling sushi in Tokyo. It was very popular. Then in the 20th century, chefs from Tokyo started moving to other parts of Japan. They helped to make sushi popular all over Japan.  Recently sushi has become a popular food in many other countries. Sushi is now eaten every day by millions of people all over the world.