The First Trains

Do you ever travel by train? Well, the trains today are very different from the trains a few hundred years ago. The earliest trains used horses to pull carts along railway tracks. The first train that could move without animal power was built in 1784. It was made by a man called William Murdoch. He was an inventor from Scotland. He made the first train that was powered by steam. The first working steam locomotive was built by Richard Trevithick. On February 21, 1804 the world’s first train journey took place. Trevithick built a train called the Puffing Eagle. This train journey took place in Wales.


The first public train was built by George Stephenson. He built a steam engine called the Locomotion for a company called Stockton and Darlington Railways. They opened the first railway line on 27 September in 1825. George Stephenson later built a train called The Rocket. Although this wasn’t the first steam powered train, it was the most advanced. If you ever visit the Science Museum in London, you will be able to see The Rocket.