The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

The Atlantic bluefin tuna is a saltwater fish. It is not an ordinary fish because it can do many things that other fish cannot do. They are also very large fish. They can grow over two meters in length and can weigh a massive 250 kilograms. Sometimes they can grow even bigger.


The bluefin tuna is also one of the fastest fishes in the world. Usually they will swim at less than 15 kilometers per hour, but when they are chasing food, or trying to escape from predators, they can swim at almost 100 kilometers per hour. Their bodies are a perfect shape for moving through the water quickly. They can also dive very deep. They can dive up to 1000 meters underwater.


Bluefin tuna eat other fish. They eat herrings, mackerel, squid, and other fish. They are also warm-blooded. This is unusual for fish. This means they are comfortable swimming in colder waters.