Sushi is a traditional food from Japan. It is also eaten in countries all over the world. Sushi restaurants have become very popular in many Asian, North American, and European cities.

Sushi is made with rice. It is mixed with vinegar, salt, and sugar. Sushi also contains raw or cooked seafood or vegetables. Sometimes sushi is wrapped in seaweed called nori.

There are many different kinds of sushi. The most popular sushi in Japan is nigirizushi. This kind of sushi has a piece of fish on top of some rice. Another kind of sushi is makizushi. This is rice rolled around fish or vegetables and wrapped in seaweed. In America, makizushi has become the most popular kind of sushi.

In Japan, Sushi is traditionally served in counter-style restaurants, but there are also many “conveyor-belt shops”. These are called kaiten zushi. In this kind of shop, plates of sushi are put on a moving belt. People can take the sushi they want as it passes. The color of the plate shows the price of the sushi. This type of restaurant is also popular in other countries.