Street Magic: David Blaine

David Blaine is famous as a street magician. He has done many strange and interesting magic tricks. The 41-year old American has amazed people around the world.

In 1999, he was buried underground in a plastic box for seven days. A huge tank filled with water was placed over top where he was buried.  During his time underground, Blaine did not eat anything. He drank only a little water each day. Many people visited the place in New York City where he was buried. They could see him through the water in the tank.

In 2001, Blaine tried a very dangerous trick. He was put inside a big block of ice for 63 hours. Again, people could visit and see for themselves that Blaine was indeed in the block of ice. After he finished this trick, Blaine immediately went to the hospital. Doctors were very worried about him. It took one month until Blaine could walk again. He said he would never try such a dangerous trick again.

The next year, David Blaine stood on top of a very tall pillar for 35 hours in New York City. If he fell from the pillar, he would have gotten seriously hurt or even killed. Strong winds nearly made him fall from the top of the pillar.  Blaine tried another famous trick in 2003. He stayed in a glass box for 44 days in London. During that time, he ate nothing. He drank only a little water. Blaine lost almost 25 kilograms after 44 days. The most dangerous part of the trick was after it was finished. Blaine had to stay in a hospital and slowly eat normal food again. If he tried to eat too much normal food too quickly, he might have died.