Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an important leader in the technology industry.  He was a very interesting person and was the leader of a very successful technology company called Apple. He founded Apple in 1976 with his friends and they began to sell computers.  One of the reasons for Steve Jobs’ success was his unique management style.

He was a passionate leader with a clear vision for his company.  Jobs always said he wanted to make Apple a great company that made unique products that people would love.  He focused all of his creative energy on developing revolutionary technology.  In 1983, he convinced John Sculley, the president of Pepsi, to come work at Apple by asking, “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?”  Sculley left his well-paid job to come work at Apple.

Unfortunately, Jobs’ passion sometimes led to angry outbursts.  He was a perfectionist and wanted Apple to make products that were better and different from other companies.  Some people believe he was too aggressive and demanding.  During the early years of Apple, he often shouted at or even fired people who did not share his vision.  Despite this, most employees did not hate him. They understood that Jobs truly believed in the company and its products.  He was a very demanding person because he had a real passion for making unique devices like the iPad and the iPhone.   These products might not exist if Jobs hadn’t pushed and inspired his employees to work hard and be creative.