Star Wars


Star Wars is probably one of the best known film series ever made. “Star Wars:  Episode IV – A New Hope” was the first Star Wars movie. It was released in 1977. George Lucas produced and directed the epic film. It takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. The galaxy is at war. An evil emperor rules the galaxy. A small group of people called “The Rebellion” fights against him.


Star Wars was a huge success in 1977 and has made about $775 million worldwide. It was released again in 1997 with several new changes to the movie. George Lucas used new computer graphics to update some scenes. One of the most controversial changes to the movies is the scene where Han shoots an enemy in a bar. In the original film, Han gets into an argument with someone named Greedo and shoots him. In the new movie, Lucas changed the scene so Greedo shoots first. Many fans are unhappy with this change because it changes Han’s character.