Snacks around the World


Although it may be unhealthy for us, people around the world love snack food. In 2013 alone, snack companies made almost $400 billion dollars of revenue. The world’s biggest snack food eaters are Europeans. They spend nearly $170 billion dollars each year on snacks.

North Americans come in second place. They buy more than $120 billion dollars in snacks in a year. Next is the Asia-Pacific region at $50 billion and then Latin America at $30 billion.

But what kind of snacks are people eating? Europeans seem to prefer candy and chocolate. North Americans like to eat salty snacks like chips and peanuts. In Latin America, cookies and cakes are the most popular kind of snack. People who live in the Asia-Pacific region seem to love cold snacks the most – ice cream and yogurt.

Recent surveys by snack companies show that there’s one thing all these people share. Many people say they want to eat fruit as a snack even though they usually eat something less healthy.  Also, it seems that chocolate is the most common type of snack worldwide. 64% of people surveyed said they had eaten chocolate as a snack in the last month.

Another interesting trend is that more people are deciding to eat snacks instead of meals like breakfast or dinner. In places like India and Indonesia, around 70% of people said they eat snacks for breakfast every day.