Siri Questions & Answers


Siri is a virtual assistant for Apple’s iPhone and the iPad tablet. You can push a button on your device and ask Siri questions. You can even tell Siri to set an alarm or even send an e-mail. When you speak to Siri, she’ll try her best to answer you. Some people enjoy asking Siri some strange questions and she will give some funny answers.

Here are a few of them:

1. Ask Siri “When is the world going to end?”

She’ll answer: “I don’t know but maybe we should put paper bags over our head or something.”

2. Tell Siri, “I’m drunk.”

She’ll answer: “Neither of us is driving home.” She’ll then ask if you want to call for a taxi.

3. Say, “I’m sleepy,” to Siri.

She’ll answer: “Put down this iPhone right now and take a nap. I’ll wait here.”

4. Ask Siri, “Will you marry me?”

Her response: “Let’s just be friends, okay?”

5. Say, “I’m sick of you!”

Siri will try to find the nearest hospitals for you.

6. Tell Siri, “I love you.”

Her answer: “No, you can’t!”

7. Tell Siri, “I hate you!”

She’ll answer, “I don’t even exist! How can you hate me?”