Sesame Street

Oscar the Grouch and guest in Sesame Street.

Sesame Street is a children’s educational television show.  It is popular in many countries.  One of the reasons for the show’s success is because of the way it is made.  A company called Children’s Television Workshop (now called “Sesame Workshop”) started making Sesame Street in 1969.  The show’s producers (the people who made the show) worked together with teachers and researchers.  They also tested the show’s content by asking children what they thought of it. Everyone worked together to make the show in this special way.

Because of this, Sesame Street is very unique.  The music for the show is based on the music used for television commercials.  This is because the show’s producers noticed that children seemed to like the music they heard on TV.  Another thing that has made Sesame Street different from other children’s television shows is that it takes place in a city.  This is because the show has tried to connect with low-income children living in urban areas who watch it. These children are more likely to watch the show if they see people and places that resemble their own neighborhoods.

Sesame Street has also tried to address some very serious topics.  An actor who played one of the show’s most popular characters died in 1982.  Soon after, Sesame Street had an episode that talked about how children cope with death.  It tried to look at the feelings that people have when someone close to them dies.  In 2002, Sesame Street introduced a puppet named “Kami” who had HIV/AIDS in the South African version of the television show.  Many people supported the idea while others opposed it.