Sentinelese People

The Sentinelese people are a group of people that have lived without any contact from the rest of the world. They live on the North Sentinel Island off the east coast of India. They do not want to make contact with other people.

Nobody really knows how many Sentinelese people there are. It is thought that there are about 250 people, but some people guess that there might be more. Helicopters have flown over the island to try to find out how many people live there, but it is difficult to guess. This is because the island is 72 square kilometers in size.

It is thought that they have lived on the island for 60,000 years. It is also thought that their language is different to any other group of people. As far as people know, no-one has made contact with the Sentinelese people for thousands of years. They are probably the most isolated and mysterious people in the world.

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