Secrets of Tokyo Disneyland


Tokyo Disneyland is the second most popular theme park in the world. In 2013, more than 17 million people visited it. The Japanese started to build Tokyo Disneyland in 1980. It opened in 1983. It cost 180 billion yen (about $1.5 billion US dollars) to build.

The park has 7 main areas. These are the same as the areas in the American Disney theme parks. The World Bazaar is the first area most visitors to Tokyo Disneyland will see. There are two big streets, Main Street and Center Street. They look like the popular image of small town America many years ago. There is a rumor that a secret club (called “Club 33”) for special guests is here.  It is very exclusive and only a few people can access it. Members of Club 33 get free access to Disney rides, do not need to wait in lines, and also get special parking spots.

Adventureland is another area of Tokyo Disneyland. It looks like New Orleans, a city in the southern United States. There is also a jungle area here. One of the most popular rides here is The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Many guests don’t know that the ride was built a long time before the movies were made. The original Pirates of the Caribbean ride started in 1967!

Another area of Tokyo Disneyland is called Westernland. It is designed to look like the old American west in the 19th century. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride is here. The story of the ride is that a big disaster happened in a small town and the trains are haunted by ghosts! In the American Disney theme parks, the disaster was an earthquake. At Tokyo Disneyland, the story is a little different. Here, the disaster was a tsunami.

Of course, there are many more rides and areas at Tokyo Disneyland. All of these rides have an interesting history. There are also many secrets that many people don’t know about Tokyo Disneyland. If you get the chance, maybe you’ll visit there and find them out for yourself!