Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick

Not much is known about Saint Patrick. Historians are not even sure exactly when or where he lived. Most historians would say he lived during the 5th century. He may have been born in England, Scotland, or Wales. His father and grandfather were priests and men of the church.  Irish pirates kidnapped him when he was 16 years old. They took him to Ireland. He had a hard life there but he started to believe in god. He soon became a Christian. After six years, he escaped. After returning home, he studied more about god.

One day, he had a vision. A vision is a dream-like state where you imagine something. In St. Peter’s vision, a man gave him a letter that told him to return to Ireland. He did so and lived in a town called Saul in the north of Ireland. He taught about Christianity to the local people. Patrick used each leaf of a three-leaf clover to talk about three important ideas in Christianity.

There are many stories about Saint Patrick. Most of them are legends that are probably not true. One of these is that Saint Patrick chased all the snakes from Ireland. Historians agree, however, that Ireland probably never had any snakes when Patrick was alive.

Another famous story about Saint Patrick involves his walking stick. People say that as he walked around Ireland, Saint Patrick would stop in a town and plant his stick in the ground. When he finished teaching people in the town about Christianity, the stick had grown into a tree. The truth of these stories about Saint Patrick may be doubtful but they explain how Christianity came to Ireland and grew in popularity. It is said that Saint Patrick died on March 17th, which is now Saint Patrick’s Day.

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