Rugby League


The aim in rugby league is to score more points than the other team. Each game lasts for 80 minutes. Points can be scored three different ways. Players can score a try, kick a goal, or kick a drop goal. The game is played in two halves. Each half lasts for 40 minutes. In between the two halves, there is a 10-minute break. The team which has scored the most points at the end of the 80 minutes wins the game.

Rugby league is played with an oval shaped ball. All rugby balls must be 280-300mm long. A rugby league field is between 112 and 122 meters long by 68m wide. The distance between try-lines is always 100 meters. At the goal line is a set of goal posts. They are the shape of the letter ‘H’, and are used for scoring goals and drop goals.

A try is worth the most points in rugby league. If a team scores a try, they get 4 points. A try involves touching the ball to the ground behind the defending team’s goal-line. A goal is worth two points. To score a goal the team needs to kick the ball between and above the goal posts. This can only be done after a try has been scored or from a free kick. A drop goal is only worth one point. To score a drop goal a player must kick the ball on the half volley between the posts in open play.