Preserving Food

Most people have one of these in their kitchen. It is now hard to imagine life without one. If we didn’t have one, storing fresh food would be very difficult. What am I talking about? A refrigerator of course! But, before refrigerators were invented, what did people do? There were many ways people stored food. Some of these depended on where they lived. When it was winter, people in cold places would use ice. When it was summer, people would use the sun to dry foods. Many of the foods we eat today are around because of these techniques. Dried herbs are one example.


Using sugar to keep or preserve fruit was another good way of storing food. Another way was to pickle food. People used alcohol to stop vegetables and fish from going bad. This alcohol would turn into vinegar. Another way of keeping food was to smoke it. This was useful for making meat keep for longer. Using salt was also a good way of keeping meat for a long time. Luckily, we have refrigerators these days. We can enjoy both fresh food and food that has been preserved.