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What we do has been providing free online reading lessons for teachers and learners around the world for the last 18 months. There are currently over 500 FREE lessons on the site. Each lesson has been carefully written and comes with a quiz and audio. Learners can do the lessons online or each lesson also comes with a downloadable PDF and audio.

Who we have helped

These free lessons are being used by learners in almost 200 countries. There are language schools in developing countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Myanmar using our materials as part of their curriculum. We provide lessons for learners who don’t have access to textbooks and materials. In addition, literacy centers across North America are using our lessons to help people learn to read. The site is helping young and old around the world to improve their English and to learn basic literacy skills.

Who we are

Until now, the site has been financed and operated by two teachers. Unfortunately due to personal reasons, one of these teachers can no longer be a part of this project. Therefore, only one teacher is currently running the site, making all the materials, and funding the developments alone.

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What I need

I hope to raise $10,000 in order to keep going and growing. If the money can be raised, it will ensure that the site can continue for the next two years. This will cover hosting fees, maintenance of the site, and the web developments that the site desperately needs to make it more user friendly and therefore help more people. If I am successful in reaching more than my goal of $10,000, I promise to donate the remainder of the money to who are engaged in supporting the literacy and learning development of child refugees.

Something for you is all about providing free quality materials to learners and teachers all over the world. Therefore, i would like to offer you something for your kindness. Here is what you get for your support!

$1-30: A big thanks! A personal thank you message.

$31-70: Wow, you are amazing! A free lesson pack for an upcoming event.

$71+: I’m speechless! I will custom write a reading lesson for your learners on the topic of your choice at a level that will suit them.

Please help me keep going and growing. Thank you.

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