The Animated History of Pixar


Pixar is an animation studio that has released many popular movies in the last twenty years. Toy Story, Cars, Up, and The Incredibles are all hit movies from Pixar. It started as a computer company that sold powerful computers. They decided to make animation videos to show off the power of their computers. They didn’t sell many computers so the company was in deep trouble.  In the early 1990s, Disney asked Pixar to produce three animation films. One of these films was the movie Toy Story. It was a huge success and made $316 million worldwide. From that point, Pixar became an animation studio.

Pixar and Disney had some disagreements while making Toy Story 2.  Their relationship started to become very bad. When Disney’s president saw a parade and realized that all of the new characters in in it were from Pixar, he decided to buy the company. Pixar and Disney started to work together again. Many of Pixar’s employees are computer graphics professionals but some of them are experts in older styles of animation. Although almost all Pixar movies are made from computers, there are still some scenes that use traditional animation.  There is an idea that all Pixar movies are tied together. If you watch a Pixar movie carefully, you can see characters from other Pixar movies in it. For example, one scene in Toy Story shows a sticker of Nemo from the Pixar movie, Finding Nemo.