Pie is a kind of baked pastry that has a crust.  The crust is the hard pastry shell on the sides and bottom of the baking plate.  On the inside of the crust is the filling.  The filling can be anything you like.  Americans usually use a sugary fruit filling such as apple or blueberry sauce for their pies.  Pies can be any size at all.  The largest pumpkin pie ever made, for example, weighed more than 1600 kilograms.  It was 3 meters from the center to the edge.

Pie has a very interesting history.  Long ago, sailors on long journeys had a big problem.  The food they took with them would go bad over time.  If they tried to eat it, they got sick.  They tried to solve this problem by bringing live animals with them on the ship.  Of course, the animals took up room and also needed food and water.  This was very inconvenient.  The problem was solved when people learned to bake fruit or meat into a pie.  This food could last a long time.  It could also be carried easily.

The early Romans baked a pie called “placenta”.  This was a big pie filled with cheese and honey.  It was similar to a cheesecake.  As pies became popular around Europe, people tried different recipes.  One of these pies was the Cornish pasty from England.  This pie is usually stuffed with beef, onions, and potatoes.  This delicious dish is still very popular in England today.

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