Phrasal Verbs


What are phrasal verbs? Why are they important to learn? A phrasal verb is a verb (an action word) plus a preposition (a placement word) or an adverb (a description of an action). Together they make a meaning different from the original verb. For example, go means to move or to travel, but if we add out to make go out, it changes the meaning.

In fact, go out has many meanings! To go out can mean to go on a date. It can also mean to leave the house, and it can also mean the power in something has stopped working. These can be difficult to understand and remember. They are very important though because they are used so often in English. It is a good idea to study some of the more common ones, and to practice and use them as much as possible. You’ll find quite a lot in the readings.

When you find one, write it down, check the meaning, and start to practice! Good luck!