Phrasal Verbs with “Come”

What is a phrasal verb? A phrasal verb is a verb (an action word) plus a preposition (a placement word) or an adverb (a description of an action). Together they make a meaning different from the original verb. Here are 10 useful phrasal verbs with come.

1. To come about = To happen

Example: You got a new job. How did that come about?

2. To come across something = To find something

Example: I came across this book when I was tidying my room.

3. To come apart = To separate

Example: The material will come apart if you pull hard enough.

4. To come around = To change your mind and agree with an opinion

Example: My friend doesn’t want to go to Hawaii with me, but she will come around when she sees the pictures of the beautiful beaches.

5. To come down on someone = To punish someone

Example: I was late for the class and the teacher came down really hard on me.

6. To come down with something = To become sick

Example: My friend came down with the flu yesterday.

7. To come forward (a) = To volunteer for a task

Example: The teacher asked for volunteers and I was the only one to come forward.

8. To come forward (b) = To give evidence

Example: The man came forward and gave himself up to the pollce.

9. To come from somewhere = To originate in

Example: Sumo comes from Japan.

10. To come to = To remember or recall something

Example: I couldn’t remember her name, but it came to me later.