Perfume is a pop group from Hiroshima in Japan. The group is signed to Universal Music Japan, and is very popular all over Japan. Perfume is one of the most successful Asian pop groups, and they are now becoming popular in other countries around the world. They are a pop girl group with three members. Here is some information about each member.

Yuka Kashino

Yuka was born in Hiroshima. She has the nickname Kashiyuka. She is a great singer and dancer. She attended Hiroshima Actor’s School and is one of the original members of Perfume. Yuka is friends with another very popular Japanese pop singer, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Ayaka Nishiwaki

Ayaka is also an original member of Perfume. Like Yuka, she was born and grew up in Hiroshima. She went to the same school as Yuka. Her nickname is A-chan. Her younger sister is called Sayaka. She is a member of the group 9nine.

Ayano Oumoto

Her nickname is Nocchi. Like the other two members, she comes from Hiroshima. She joined Perfume in 2001. Ayano replaced the original third member, Yuuka Kawashima. She also went to Hiroshima Actor’s School. She said she has always wanted to sing and dance.