Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear is an animated character who has appeared in books, on television and in a film. Paddington Bear first appeared in a book called A Bear Called Paddington on October 13, in 1958. The man who created this loveable bear is called Michael Bond. On Christmas Eve in 1956, Michael Bond found a sad looking bear on a shelf and he took it home for his wife. It is said they called it Paddington because they lived near Paddington Station, London.

This stuffed bear inspired Michael to write stories about Paddington Bear. The first book that Michael Bond wrote is called A Bear Called Paddington. It has been a very popular book all over the world. It has sold more than thirty-five million copies around the world. It has also been translated into over forty languages. There are eight short stories in this book.

The first story is called Please Look After This Bear. It is about when a family called the Browns first meets Paddington at Paddington station. All Paddington had was an old suitcase, a hat and a little note tied around his neck. This note was from his Aunt Lucy in Peru. The note said, ‘Please look after this bear. Thank you.’ Mr. and Mrs. Brown felt sorry for Paddington and they took him to their home at 32 Windsor Gardens. Paddington was clumsy but loveable and he soon became part of the family.