Pac Man


Pac-Man is one of the most famous arcade games of all time. The game was designed and developed in Japan by a company called Namco. In 1980, Namco released the game in Japan. Later that year, it came out in North America.

In the game, the player controls a round yellow dot called Pac-Man. The player’s job is to run Pac-Man through a maze on the screen and “eat” all the white dots. Once Pac-Man eats everything on the screen, the player goes to the next stage and does it all over again. Pac-Man has a difficult job because several ghosts are chasing him. If they catch Pac-Man, they eat him. If Pac-Man gets eaten three times, the game is over. Luckily, Pac-Man can eat special dots called Energizers. When eats an Energizer, Pac-Man can eat the ghosts for a short amount of time.

There is no ending to Pac-Man. The game is supposed to go on forever. However, there is problem with the game’s programming code. When a player goes up to stage 255, the game has many problems and stops working correctly.

Pac-Man was very popular in North America during the 1980s. The game made over $1 billion in ten years. It won many awards and one survey in 2001 showed it was the greatest video game of all time. One of the reasons Pac-Man was so popular is that it was simple to play and understand.  Both men and women enjoyed playing it. Also, it was a game where players had to run away from enemies instead of fighting them. This was a very unique game that was different from most other arcade games at the time.