Oxford City

Oxford is a city in the South East of England. It is located in the county of Oxfordshire. It has a population of about 150,000 people. Oxford is about 100km (62 miles) north-west of London, and there are good transportation links between London and Oxford. It is over 1000 years old and is probably most famous for its university. If you read our article on Oxford University, you might know some interesting facts about the university, but how much do you know about the city itself? Here are seven fun facts about the city of Oxford.

  1. The city of Oxford was once the capital of England. From 1642 to 1646 King Charles ruled England from this city.

  2. People from Oxford are known as Oxonians.

  3. The city of Oxford is the 52nd largest city in the United Kingdom.

  4. There are 21 places called Oxford in the United States.

  5. Many of the world’s famous writers come from Oxford. Included in this list are Lewis Carroll (1832-1898), JRR Tolkien (1892-1973), and CS Lewis (1898-1963).

  6. Oxford is also the home of the world-famous Oxford English Dictionary!

  7. Oxford has seven twin cities around the world. Included on this list are Bonn in Germany, Saskatoon in Canada, and León in Nicaragua.