Mr. Tickle

Mr. Tickle is a character in a children’s book. It was written by Roger Hargreaves in 1971. Hargreaves wrote a series of books called Mr. Men, and Mr. Tickle was the first in the series. In total he wrote 49 Mr. Men books. Mr. Tickle looks very funny! He is round and orange colored, and he has very long arms. He also wears a small blue hat.

The story of Mr. Tickle is also very funny. It begins with him in bed. He is able to make breakfast without getting out of bed because he has ‘extraordinarily long arms’. As his name suggests, Mr. Tickle loves tickling people. In the story he decides that it is a day for tickling people. He goes around his town tickling people. He tickles a policeman, a greengrocer, a train station officer, a doctor, a butcher, and a postman. At the end of the story Hargreaves writes that Mr. Tickle could be waiting to tickle you!