Michael Jackson



Michael Jackson was perhaps the most famous pop singer and dancer of all time. Jackson was born in 1958.  He had many brothers and sisters. In 1964, Michael and his four brothers became a famous pop group called “The Jackson Five”. Michael was the youngest member of the group. Fans of the group loved to hear Michael’s high voice sing along to their popular songs. Of the five brothers, Michael was probably the most famous.


Michael left the group in 1972 to be a solo artist. In 1982, Michael Jackson became hugely successful with his album, Thriller. It sold more albums than any other in 1983. It won eight Grammy Awards. These are the highest musical awards in America.  In 1985, people were sad and worried because many Africans were dying. They did not have enough food to eat. Jackson worked together with other musicians and music producers to make a record. The song, “We are the World” was released later the same year. Many people bought the record and the money went to help Africans in need. Jackson made several other popular albums in his career, such as “Bad” and “Dangerous”. Sadly, he passed away in 2009 at the age of 50 years old.